Feel Like At Glacier Zone! Instantly Create Cold Air And Expreience The Cool Breeze To Your Whole Body!

Stay cool and comfortable wherever you go with the revolutionary IceCeramic Neck Fan. Powered by cutting-edge IceCeramic cooling technology, this portable fan is your ultimate summer companion.

Experience the next level of cooling technology with the  IceCeramic Neck Fan. Don't let the heat slow you down – embrace the icy-cool sensation and stay refreshed all summer long.

The Revolutionary Cooling Technology Behind

Experience a new level of cooling comfort with our revolutionary IceCeramic Cooling Technology. Designed to provide instant relief from the heat, our Neck Fan incorporates the cutting-edge IceCeramic Cooling Technology to keep you cool and refreshed all day long.

Exceptional Heat Conductivity

The IceCeramic Cooling Technology harnesses the remarkable heat conductivity of our specially engineered ceramic material. With its superior ability to transfer heat, it quickly absorbs and dissipates excess heat, providing you with an instant cooling sensation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to refreshing coolness.

High-Temperature Resistance

Our IceCeramic material exhibits exceptional durability and resilience, even in high-temperature environments. It remains stable and reliable, ensuring consistent cooling performance regardless of the external conditions. Stay cool and comfortable, no matter how intense the heat may be.

Environmentally Friendly Circulation

We are committed to sustainability, and the IceCeramic Cooling Technology reflects that. It operates in a closed-loop system, effectively utilizing and recycling the cooling energy. This eco-friendly approach minimizes waste and reduces the impact on the environment.

Indoor To Outdoor High Endurance Refrigeration Artifact

Long-lasting battery

Experience extended cooling comfort with the IceCeramic Cooling Neck Fan's long-lasting battery. Enjoy up to 18 hours of continuous use on a single charge, keeping you cool without interruption whether you're on the go or relaxing at home.

Tangle-free airflow

Say goodbye to tangled hair with the IceCeramic Cooling Neck Fan's anti-tangling airflow vents. Designed to minimize hair entanglement, these vents provide a hassle-free cooling experience. Stay cool and keep your hair looking great effortlessly.

Powerful airflow

Experience the ultimate cooling sensation with the IceCeramic Cooling Neck Fan's powerful 5-speed airflow. 5-speeds from gentle breezes to instant cooling gusts, you have full control over the intensity. Enjoy a 300% increase in cooling efficiency and quick relief from the heat with its innovative design.

Consistent temperature control

Stay cool and comfortable with the IceCeramic Cooling Neck Fan's advanced temperature control technology. Enjoy a consistently pleasant airflow that keeps you refreshed all day long, whether you're working, exercising, or relaxing.

Silent operation

Stay cool and enjoy tranquility with the IceCeramic Cooling Neck Fan's silent operation. Thanks to its active noise reduction motor and advanced air duct noise elimination design, it completely eliminates traditional noise issues. Experience a peaceful and serene environment without any disturbances.

Versatile Usage Scenarios for Refreshing Comfort

Outdoor Activities

Whether it's hiking, camping, or sports, the IceCeramic Neck Fan provides a cool companion for your outdoor adventures.

Essential for Travel

Say goodbye to the sweltering heat during long trips. The IceCeramic Neck Fan ensures you can enjoy a refreshing breeze anytime, anywhere.

Office Assistant 

Enhance your work environment with the IceCeramic Neck Fan, bringing a fresh airflow and boosting productivity and comfort in the office.

Everyday Convenience 

From relaxing at home to shopping or carrying out daily chores, the IceCeramic Neck Fan is your ideal companion, providing a cool and comfortable experience.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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5 Gear Wind Speed
Gear 1-2: Fan mode, operating time of 18 hours / 7 hours
Gear 3-4: Cooling mode, operating time of 5 hours / 3 hours
Gear 5: Icy breezemode, operating time of 1.5 hours

Zero Gravity Hanging Experience
Using ergonomic weight distribution, we precisely calculate the load-bearing capacity of every muscle in the neck, effectively alleviating the pressure on the skin and maximizing comfort.

0-160° Flex-to-fit
Sports clamping design, we adopt silicone automatic clamping material, 160° random adjustment to fit all sizes of necks.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Real Customers, Real Relief 

The capacity is very strong, the heart of the neck back, and I imagine is exactly the same, tested the battery life has about 16 hours. The first time I bought such an expensive necklace, the experience is good, there is no sound, silencing system is very good, really is a penny a penny goods ‍ wind effect: wind is very large, the air outlet can be individually controlled, there are large and small, according to their own needs to adjust, cell phone control is also convenient. I personally like this back wind, cooling effect is super obvious, out wearing is really not sweaty Portability: very lightweight, a neck airbag wear comfortable, and previously bought a cheap is no comparison, this is always very cool feeling, will not appear stuffy sticky feeling.

—— Mavica

I tried on a plane and works well and defo cools your neck down. Directional fans would be good and a cheaper price tag but you do get what you pay for as the old saying goes.

—— Alan

This fan looks good, works well, noise level is good, comfortable to wear BUT it is NOT an air conditioner, It's a never heard of technology that you don't need to think more about saving energy and power!

—— EvaSziko

With study play phone class will not have any impact, really silent, even I can not hear it myself. Five-speed wind is also enough, spend money to buy air conditioning is better to buy this one!!lol

—— Sam Vox

I bought for us both me and wife, we go out for a walk with it is really convenient, very light and cool for elderly people like us!! Very recommended!!

—— Alexander

This fan is ideal, it is nicely designed, compact, light, powerful enough and quiet, keeps you cool, makes you feel fresh when its hot, its certainly great value for money and certainly will be recommending this product!

—— Laura Lara

Well make. The design of this neck fan is ergonomic and user-friendly. It fits comfortably in my neck, allowing for effortless operation. The fan blades are powerful and produce a consistent airflow that instantly cools me down. The adjustable settings provide versatility, allowing me to choose the perfect airflow intensity for my comfort.

—— Cutie

I work outside, overnight and can't handle the heat. I'll start to feel faint if I over heat. I'm in Texas and the summer night's have been between 83-87 degree's and when there's no wind, I get miserable, especially when I'm having to drink hot coffee to stay awake. This fan has really helped, it's light weight so I barely feel it on. It gives out good wind and I love that it keeps the back of my neck very cool while keeping my hair dry. I've dropped it twice without breaking it, so it's pretty durable. Overall I'm happy to have it.

—— KC

The portable neck fan is very good, I bought it as a gift for my father and he is very pleased with it, the battery life is good, and it is very comfortable and easily adjusted.

—— Manav.D

Works great for keeping you cool, or chilling out after getting hot. And it has five speeds, It charges quickly, and the battery life is really good, as it hasn't died on me yet.

—— Julia

Pretty good, walking home from work also need this, wearing the neck blowing wind is truly comfortable, not only the face can do full coverage, head can also blow, very cool, and not heavy, very comfortable to wear.

—— Ted

The wind power is just right, comfortable and satisfied. With this artifact to solve the hot summer cooking troubles, mood also, what is comfortable. This weather and hot really stuffy unbearable, friends recommended!

—— John X


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't miss out on the ultimate cooling solution!


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    Will extended use of the fan cause headaches or discomfort?